Naia Improvement his COB technology

Improvement up to 150LM/W

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Edipower HM High Power Series

EdiPower III HM High Power Series is based on the mirror-like MCPCB which features excellent reflectivity (up to 98%) so that the luminous efficacy of components can be increased by 10% to 30% and the energy waste can be reduced effectively. Moreover, the narrowed emitting area (only Φ 35.3mm) is easy for optical design achieving high intensity and high efficacy in the same time. High power COB is especially suitable be applied in outdoor applications such as street light, tunnel light, and high bay.

Features :
■ Reach 20000lm at 150W, 4000K and CRI 80 (equivalent to 133lm/W)
■ Meet the ErP specification (CRI>80 and R9>0)
■ Low Rth / No overlapping shadow
■ The package size is compatible with market demand which is easy to find optical supplements and connectors