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Naia Essence 

Outshine your competition. That’s the promise of Naia Essence® LED lighting. It makes service islands more inviting, drivers feel safer and better informed, and interior aisles and shelves pop. Meanwhile, Naia Essence® LED lighting solutions reduce energy usage by up to 70% and require virtually no maintenance for up to 10 years. Don’t let progress pass you by. Choose Naia Essence®.

  • High Performance, Low Cost – most cost-effective LED canopy fixture in the marketplace
  • Extremely Slim Optical Unit –flush look against the canopy


​System power Consumtion W 240 ​150 ​120
​Lumens per Whats lm/W > 115 ​yes ​yes yes​
​CCT-Color Temperature K ​CW/NW/WW CW/NW/WW  CW/NW/WW 
Output Lumen 21728 13,580 10,864​
Eficacy 95 92 91
Color redering Index CRI ​75/80/90 ​75/80/90 ​​75/80/90
​AC imput Rating                                                                Vac HZ AC 100-277 50/60Hz
​Dimming ​Optional  With Neto control, via WIFI, Zigbee, app disponible in Google play
PFC ​PF ​0.98
Weight Kg 6.15


Fuel Stations


Type​ Name Note