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Roadway Lighting Solutions

Each municipality across the country is unique, from its population and citizen demographics to the budget that drives key initiatives and priorities. But no matter the city and where leaders are in their "journey of light," Naia's street lighting solutions are available to help save money, increase energy efficiency and travel down the road toward greater intelligence. 

LED street lighting is a foundational solution for helping to enhance quality of life and improve infrastructure in an efficient and cost-effective manner. By adding wireless controls and leveraging data through an intelligent platform, cities will be well on their way to a smarter , more sustainable future. 



​System power Consumtion W 150 ​120 ​60
​Lumens per Whats lm/W > 145 ​yes ​yes yes​
​CCT-Color Temperature K ​CW/NW/WW CW/NW/WW  CW/NW/WW 
Output Lumen 22000 18,000 5,540​
Eficacy 85 86 84
Color redering Index CRI ​80 ​80 ​80
​AC imput Rating                                                                Vac HZ AC 100-277 50/60Hz
​Dimming ​Optional  With Neto control, via WIFI, Zigbee, app disponible in 
PFC ​PF ​0.98
Weight Kg 6.15



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